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This is PERFECT for newborns. My two youngest were in it from day one. So soft, so comfortable and so supportive.

The Whole Family is in ❤️
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Our new Tula makes baby wearing a delight for everyone. )! So easy to put on. Our little man falls asleep in it around the house and we love the closeness and comfort... My husband, babe and I all adore it!

I really expected to not like the Didyklick.
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As a skeptic of anything outside of wraps I really expected to not like the Didyklick. Boy was I wrong!! It is easy to use and swap between front and back carries, comfortable AND breastfeeding friendly. On top of all that, my husband felt confident enough to wear our daughter on his back for the first time using it!

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Didymos DidyKlick Kaleidoscope


Didymos DidyKlick Kaleidoscope

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Didymos DidyKlick Kaleidoscope. With one click, the padded waist band is secured. Baby is then placed in the adjustable, shaped panel, the comfortable straps are put in place and tied, and away you go! Baby is perfectly nestled in this new soft-structured carrier by DIDYMOS. Presenting the DidyKlick, a half-buckle carrier (half-buckle meaning that it has a buckle closure at the waist only, rather than buckles for the shoulder straps which make up a full buckle carrier). The shoulder straps can be tied in a variety of ways ensuring a perfect fit for any wearer, of all shapes and sizes.

Fabric weight: 240 GSM (medium to heavier weight)

In the DidyKlick, baby can be worn on the front, on the back, and even on the hip! The seat and panel are adjustable to fit your baby, which means that this new carrier will perfectly support babies at any age and stage. Baby's back will be optimally supported and legs will be positioned in the most ergonomic spread-squat position (m-position, knees above hips, no pressure on joints or spine).

This carrier PERFECTLY combines the comfort and versatility of a woven wrap with the ease and speed of a buckle carrier.

Features at a glance:

- Padded waist belt with safety clip-buckle; sturdy and adjustable to all sizes.
- Soft back panel with integrated headrest that can be adjusted by drawstrings and fastened in place.
- Wide shoulder straps made from soft woven wrap material that be spread to distribute weight evenly, and tied in a variety of ways to suit all needs.
- Material: body panel and shoulder straps made from DIDYMOS woven wrap fabric, always of pure organic cotton, with its impressive inherent diagonal stretch for supreme comfort. Completely safe, free from any toxic chemicals, for baby and the environment.
- Safety: Complies to the EU safety standard CEN/TR 16512.
- Made in Germany and neighbouring countries.
- Fully adustable and suitable from 3 kg (6.5 lbs) up to 18 kg (40lbs).
- ASTM F2236 tested.


Material: Straps and panel: 100 % Organic Cotton
Fabric weight: 240 GSM

DidyKlick Measurements

Back Height: min. 26 cm / 10 in. + max. 34 cm / 13.5 in.
Seat Width: min. 16 cm / 6.3 in. + max. 40 cm / 16 in.
Waist Belt: min. 75 cm / 29.5 in. + max. 150 cm / 59 in.
Height of Headrest: min. 6 cm / 2.3 in + max. 16 cm / 6.3 in.
Shoulder: Length  220 cm / 86.6 + Width: 30 cm / 11.81 in.

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Customer Reviews

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All the best carrier features all in one!

My only regret is not having purchased this carrier sooner! With both my kids, early weeks were in a stretchy wrap... but then the time would come where long walks meant sore back, and it was time to move to my structured carrier. I live my SSC, but would alway miss the snug cuddle from the stretchy wrap days, but don’t see myself learning with woven wraps, as much as I find them so gorgeous.

This is the perfect carrier, and has all the best components - supportive with the waist buckle and weight distribution with the wrap straps (happy back), quick and easy to get babe up, the cozy snuggled fit of a stretchy wrap, and so many beautiful woven patterns to choose from! Oh... can’t forget that it’s full of baby sleepy dust... giving mama some hands free quiet. It is saving me during this current virtual school pandemic life!!!

So cozy and supportive

We love our jade didyklick! It’s supportive enough for long walks and easy for naps on the go! The fabric was a bit stiff at first but after a wash and wear, it’s softened up!

FINALLY a comfortable carrier for petite people!

The Didyklick is the best of both worlds, both SSC and woven wrap. I originally carried my son in a Boba but he was getting too heavy for it at 18lbs. I switched to woven wraps but he didn’t like waiting for me to wrap him for a back carry. So I decided to try a SSC and even went with one that had a seat. For my petite frame 5’2” and 120lbs, the SSC could not get tight enough like a wrap, so everytime my son leaned or wiggled, I felt a pull on my shoulders and lower back. I was torn between the Tula half buckle and the Didyklick, but Allie helped me make my decision and it was perfect! The Didyklick allows me to get a good snug fit and I can do a back carry super fast now! I also love how I can fan the tails wide on my shoulders for comfort. I know this review was long (I read every review on the Didyklick before buying) but hopefully it will help someone decide also! You won’t regret it if you’re petite, have a wiggly baby and love wrapping!

Love love love

I love wraps and a love buckle carriers and this is the perfect blend of both! Learning to use this carrier was super easy due to Allie's awesome YouTube video!


I am disappointed that the wrap portion of this carrier can not be tied in front after wrapping around the back like I do with my boba wrap. I also miss the stretchiness of the boba wrap fabric. I feel like it's much more difficult to get a comfortable fit across my shoulders and back with this carrier's wrap portion
It's seemed like such a good idea and I'm pretty disappointed.

Hello Sarah,

Thanks for your feedback.

A few quick notes.
You can tie the straps at the side OR the front with the DidyKlick.
As for the fabric, it’s just off the loom, so a wash and a wear or too will soften it up and give you lots more stretch without losing any support.

I have a few more tips to help you get comfy and confident in your new carrier,
Feel free to message, email, or send a note via the contact form.


Owner and Professional Babywearing Educator


I love the Kipos print, it is timeless and the colour goes with everything. Both sides of the fabric are stunning. The Didyklick is super comfortable, and my go to carrier when my shoulders are being picky and has lots of sleepy dust. I don't know how, but my little one feels weightless in this carrier. This carrier was super soft out of the box and just keeps getting softer and the fabric glides easily.

Gorgeous and Comfortable

Magic Forest Alamak was in and out of the cart so many times, and I am SO GLAD we got it. It's the small print, so you can see it really well on the Didyklick, and it looks almost denim in person. It's just beautiful and strong, and soft right out of the box. Everything you could ask for! Front carrying my 30lb 2 year old is a breeze in this carrier

beautiful carrier

Pretty sure Allie sends all Didyklicks with special unicorn magic because this carrier is just amazing. So comfortable and unlike any other buckle carrier. Blueberry Fall is incredibly soft and beautiful. We love the rich colors

Love this carrier - comfy and easy to use

I really love this carrier. Having tried structured buckle carriers and woven wraps, this is the perfect marriage between the two. It's easy to put on, comfortable on the shoulders and back. I wish I had this with my first baby! I bought it when my second was almost one and we are still using it now that she is 3.5. The Hearts Malachite gives is a beautiful shine as well!


Even that is an understatement. My 16 month old’s molars are coming in which means he wants a lot of “strapped to mommy” time. This carrier is comfortable beyond belief - I was having a lot of upper back issues since I’m on the smaller size and the little man is packing on the weight now, but this combo carrier has helped immensely.10/10 recommend.. don’t even question it!