FrejaToys Starry Night Necklace

FrejaToys Starry Night nursing necklace is 100% natural and it is made of wooden beads and 100% cotton thread. The large hand embroidered bead reminds the starry sky. The necklace has a very organic feel.  It is really great - to wear a personal piece of the beautiful night sky! We are sure this stylish necklace in black and white will be your favorite!

✩ The covered beads and unfinished juniper beads are threaded onto a crochet cotton cord.
✩ The beads are not fixed and can be moved freely over the cord. Knots at the ends of the cord and a small wooden bead are preventing the beads from slipping off the cord.
✩ You can regulate the length of the necklace by moving a last wooden bead over the cord.
✩ You can turn the necklace into a baby teether - just move the last wooden bead down
✩ Crocheted beads measure: big - 1,1'' / 2,8 cm in diameter, small - 0,7" / 1,8 cm.
✩ Total Length of the lace : 35,4" / 90 cm.

Materials: wooden beads, juniper beads, cotton yarn, love

Wash the necklace by hand with mild soap in warm water. Do not soak.

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5 star

It looks lovely and has held up well to baby teeth/slobber. It also reduced the amount of hair pulling my baby was doing, since she has something else to fiddle with.

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