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Bright and easy to spot in a crowd!
Verified Purchase

Got this to go on holiday for the other "not so littles" to be able to spot us pretty quickly! This onbu feels weightless and I'm excited to get the hang of it and be able to do more with baby on my back!

I love LZO
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I have bought from this small company many times and very much pleased with each and every transaction. Every time the product is perfect and shipped quickly. Also, babywearing RULES.

Soft, Supportive, and customizable
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This carrier offers the best of both worlds the speed and structure of a buckle carrier and the softness, beauty, and customization of a wrap. the color is beautiful, soft, but crisp. I would absolutely recommend this carrier!

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Integra Baby Carrier Didymos Lisca Jeans

Integra Baby Carrier Didymos Lisca Jeans-Buckle Carrier-Integra- Little Zen One Babywearing baby carriers

Integra Baby Carrier Didymos Lisca Jeans

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Integra Baby Sizing
What size Integra Baby Carrier do you need?

All models have been tested to be suitable to carry a weight of up to 24kg / 53 lb and all models fold up to fit in your bag easily.

The sizing options of the Integra Baby have been carefully designed to take you from birth to preschool with as much overlap as possible whilst maintaining the best possible fit for all ages and stages.


 Integra Baby is suitable from birth (7.5lbs). To use the Integra Baby size 1 from birth you simply use the provided accessory strap to create the perfect fit for your baby. This flexibility ensures that the size 1 Integra Baby is suitable for a longer time and can be used until a child is approximately 2.5 years old.


The size 2 Integra Baby is suitable from approximately 18 months – the exact age varies depending on the weight and height of your child. Ideal for front or back carrying and suitable until your child is around 3.5 years of age.


The size 3 Integra Baby is our biggest size and is suitable from around 3 years of age until around 5 years and beyond for shorter carrying moments.

Integra Baby Carrier Didymos Lisca Jeans. Size 1 Gorgeous - simple and soft to the touch - Lisca Jeans. 

Light, ergonomic design for optimal support and comfort for infant and carer. This sleek one-piece design incorporating a large sun/sleeping hood that fastens with small buckles to the shoulder straps to keep baby shaded or support a sleeping head. Designed by Sarah Sadler, the Integra Baby is the must have essential for the style conscious parent. Sarah has worked in the baby carrying industry for over 11 years and is the longest practising Babywearing Consultant in the UK.

Key Features of the Integra Baby
Soft waist to create a perfect fit every time.
Dual Adjustable buckles to ensure an easy close fit.
Easy to adjust to different sizes.
Front and back carry options.
Ergonomic Design, Optimal support and comfort for infant and carer.
Compact and machine washable.
Birth to Toddler and Safety tested.

Size 1
Didymos Lisca Jeans woven organic cotton
Oeko Tex Black Cotton Straps and Inner
Made in the UK

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Best SSC I’ve ever had

First off, this carrier is stunning. Look at the colour! It shines in the daylight and it’s oothing on the eye during the evening cuddles. I love how this Integra combines the beauty of a woven wrap and the quick convenience of a buckle carrier. My favourite part is how the back strap crosses and the relief my shoulders feel from redistributing the weight of my little one. I’ve been babywearing and breastfeeding for the past 6 years, so a carrier that doesn’t pull my shoulders down or forward is a welcome break. This is the carrier I reach for the most.

I love my new carrier!

I thought the design was going to just
be printed on the carrier but it is actually a really soft woven material. It is a soft and thin carrier making it ideal for summer baby and I do not feel over heated like we do in other SSC carriers. I already have one pull in the fabric and am nervous about getting more. Front carry is super comfy!! I have only once tried a back carry and the straps were extremely uncomfortable in my arm pits... Hoping if I try again I can get it to fit more comfortably! All said and done I now choose this as my every day carrier!

Great for the summer!

It’s hot and humid (30c before humidity), and we have had no problems with overheating while wearing with the lightweight integra solar!

It is super compact and easy to use! Since there is no chest clip (shoulders criss cross over back), I don’t have to try and fiddle and contort my body to do things up, which is great! This is perfectly sized for a diaper bag unlike other heavier and bulkier buckle carriers. Also, it was easy to attach a few teething links to the straps and add on a toy to keep my baby occupied on our outing.

I’m plus sized and still have room in the waistband.

The only downside for me is I find the shoulder straps a bit uncomfortable with extended use. I’m used to other buckle carriers that don’t put as much weight on my shoulders - after an hour with my heavy baby, I needed a break.

The BEST Summer Carrier!

My husband and I both love this carrier because it is so light weight and thin that we can crumple it up and toss it in whatever bag we are taking on our next adventure. We love that it protects our baby from the sun, and can also go in all types of water. It really is the best carrier for the summer time.

This is a perfect carrier

I am in LOVE with my integra carrier. It is lightweight, slick, and so comfortable. Incredibly easy to use. Can use it for long carries. I even easily learned back carries with this. The sun hood is so practical, we use it all the time. I also love how it is a collab with didymos - such a beautiful pattern. I am so very happy with this purchase, we use this buckle carrier all the time! Love LZO, fast shipping, amazing service, and so happy to support a small mama run business.

Amazing Carrier

I loved the material and how well the carrier conformed to me and baby! Was able to easily use with my newborn! Love the print, perfect for a gender neutral look!

Worth the investment

It’s awesome! With some practice I can now get it on in like 30 seconds and feed my baby on the go. With two this has made my life so much easier. The consult was great. I left feeling really confident about what I bought and how to use it. Allie was amazing!

Integra baby carrier

Overall I like this carrier, but there are things I like and dislike about this. I like that it's really compact, it is quick to put on, both for front and back carries, and the large hood is great for sun protection and for supporting a sleeping baby's head. However, I do find that if I use this for longer periods of time, it does start to get uncomfortable. However, I do find this more comfortable than all the other SSC I have tried as nothing seems to sit comfortably on my hips. I now mainly use this for quick trips to the grocery store.

Integra baby carrier solar

I got this for our hot summer days to take the little one to the splash park. The only think I don’t love is having to use a separate buckle piece to adjust the seat for her because she’s so small. It would be nice if the seat adjustment was built in. I wouldn’t use this for long walks but it will do the trick for water wearing.

First time in the ocean!

I used this carrier in Hawaii, where it's lightweight and wicking properties came in handy in the humidity and heat. We took the baby in the ocean for the first time. He loved it, felt secure and ready to play. I have a very hard time, however, using this carrier with a back carry. I have a short torso but am otherwise a small/medium body size. The carrier straps are too long to do straight back carries. Look for adjustable strap carriers if you're looking to use back carries and you're a bit small.