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This is PERFECT for newborns. My two youngest were in it from day one. So soft, so comfortable and so supportive.

The Whole Family is in ❤️
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Our new Tula makes baby wearing a delight for everyone. )! So easy to put on. Our little man falls asleep in it around the house and we love the closeness and comfort... My husband, babe and I all adore it!

I really expected to not like the Didyklick.
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As a skeptic of anything outside of wraps I really expected to not like the Didyklick. Boy was I wrong!! It is easy to use and swap between front and back carries, comfortable AND breastfeeding friendly. On top of all that, my husband felt confident enough to wear our daughter on his back for the first time using it!

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Didymos Meh Dai DidyTai Stripes Turquoise


Didymos Meh Dai DidyTai Stripes Turquoise

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DidyTai Meh Dai Sizing

Measurements and Details

The DidyTai fits little ones from newborn to 45lb.

It fits a wide range of adults. Measurements for the carrier as follows.

Shoulder straps: length about. 200 – 220 cm / 79 - 87", width about 33 cm / 13".
Hip straps: length 85-90 cm / 33 - 36 .5 ", width 9 – 12 cm / 3.5 - 5"

Body part:
Height abt. 68 cm / 27" (incl. head rest)
Width: abt. 42 cm / 16.5" 
Base: adjustable from 20 to 42 cm / 8 - 16.5" 

*The Didy Meh-Dai DidyTai will shrink 4-5 cm / 1 - 1.5" after the first wash.

Didymos DidyTai Stripes Turquoise. Didymos DidyTais offer the comfort and support of a woven wrap in the ease and form of a meh dai style carrier. They are used from newborn to toddler as the length and width of the front panel are adjustable. DidyTais come in one size. They are are a great alternative to soft structured carriers for the infant stage and will grow with your baby.

From 7 - 45 lbs
Front, hip, or back.
100% Organic Cotton
Turquoise, Natural
220 GSM

The DidyTai is a soft and easy to use Meh Dai baby carrier, made from a rectangular piece of woven baby wrap - the same comfortable woven fabrics as Didymos woven wraps - with four straps sewn to its corners. When carried, your little one will be in a spread-squat-position, to guarantee healthy positioning of their hip joints. The carrier features a drawstring to adjust the width, allowing you to use from newborn on.

The fabric and carrier are woven and manufactured in Germany and are not treated chemically either before or after manufacturing.

DidyTai Measurements

Back Height
max. 27 in / 68 cm (incl. head rest)
Seat Width 
min. 8 in / 20 cm
max. 16.5 in / 42 cm
Waist Belt 
approx. 34 in / 85 - 90 cm
width 3.5 - 5 in /  9 - 12 cm
Shoulder Length
79 - 87 in / 200 – 220 cm 
Shoulder Width
13 in / 33 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

We hosted the Didytai Lisca Pastell through the Try Before You Buy program and were pleasantly surprised by it. I had heard from other plus size mamas that the Didytai was not very accommodating and thankfully that wasn't an issue for us (5'7" size 20 for reference). It was actually really soft and cozy, and very easy to use. My youngest is 2 and 30lbs so I prefer wraps, or the Didyklick for quick ups, to the Didytai because the weight feels more evenly distributed. This would be an excellent option for someone with a smaller babe who wants something quick and easy, but still super snuggly feeling.

Love my meh dai didytai

I tried the meh dai didytai through the TBYB program and fell in love. The lisca is squishy and soft and the meh dai style carrier has the coziness of a wrap and is very easy to put on.

Love the fabric thickness and head support!

This is my favorite carrier! The fabric is lightweight and is comfortable to wear in warm weather. I love that the hood supports my baby's head so I can bend over while she's sleeping without her head flopping back. And it is GORGEOUS! Highly recommend this carrier!

We love our DidyTai!

This is one of my favorite carriers! It's so easy to use, and works for babies of all ages I carried my tiny 10lb niece in it, my chubby 20lb 1 year old, and my 40lb 3 year old. It was always comfy even when I quickly put it on, the wide straps distribute the weight perfectly. Oh and lots of sleepy dust my little guy always falls right to sleep.

Gorgeous and comfortable

Our family has welcomed the Green Thicket Didymos Meh Dai DidyTai into our home and it is a great addition to our baby wearing resources.
Green thicket is a gorgeous cotton wrap which has worked perfectly in our hot and humid new england summer weather. It is our first didytai and we really enjoy the ease of use in getting our 19 month old up and going.

Gorgeous and amazingly comfy

Lisca is a super buttery soft weave and the Minos print is gorgeous!! The pictures do not do it’s one of my favorites! The Meh Dai style is easy to use (don’t be scared!) and super versatile.


We haven't used it yet, since grandbaby is expected in September, but it's just beautiful. My daughter chose this one & I'm looking forward to presenting it to her!

More beautiful in person

Beautiful high quality fabric and easy to use! This was my first meh dai that I ever used and I've been super pleased. Fabric is super soft and cuddly but the barrier feels super strong at the same time. I've worn this for long-ish walks and it's worked really well. Looks awesome if you wear a lot of neutral colors.

DIdymos Meh Dai DidyTai

This wrap is a God send!! My LO refused to go in the wrap we us to use when he was about 6 months old. This made life pretty difficult to get anything done because he always wanted to be held.
I spent about a month looking for a good wrap that would work well for us. I tried out several different kinds and had no luck with any of those.
This is it!!! 100% Best Buy I’ve made!!

Honestly the best baby essential. I am able to wear him all day. I can cook, clean, take care of everything I need. He even naps while he’s in there. The fabric is great. Soft and comfortable. The wide straps allow to distribute his weight so that I can wear him very comfortably for hours at a time which keeps him very happy and content !!!

Cozy and quick!

I tried the DidyTai Ocean through the little zen one "try before you buy" program. It is an great meh dai, quick to put on, very supportive and snuggly. The straps are a bit short than some of the other brands I have tried, which makes this a great option who find the longer straps overwhelming or awkward.