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This is PERFECT for newborns. My two youngest were in it from day one. So soft, so comfortable and so supportive.

The Whole Family is in ❤️
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Our new Tula makes baby wearing a delight for everyone. )! So easy to put on. Our little man falls asleep in it around the house and we love the closeness and comfort... My husband, babe and I all adore it!

I really expected to not like the Didyklick.
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As a skeptic of anything outside of wraps I really expected to not like the Didyklick. Boy was I wrong!! It is easy to use and swap between front and back carries, comfortable AND breastfeeding friendly. On top of all that, my husband felt confident enough to wear our daughter on his back for the first time using it!

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Babywearing: Why Carriers are the New Dad Hack

Posted by Allie Dennis on

Babywearing: Why Carriers are the New Dad Hack


There are many types of carriers: ring slings, buckle carriers, woven, stretchy and hybrid wraps, meh dais, onbuhimos, narrow-based carriers, and more. And guess what? They are all for everybody/everybody.

There is an unfortunate misconception floating around out there that babywearing is only for women. The reality is that there are enormous benefits to babywearing that are in no way gender-specific.

Babywearing is comforting and promotes the parent-infant bond

For one--and this is a big one--babywearing is an amazing way to bond with your wee one.

Those extra snuggles help them feel secure and often have an instant calming effect. It’s the next best thing to skin-to-skin contact and allows them to feel your body’s warmth and hear your heartbeat. It’s no surprise that babywearing has even been shown to reduce crying in infants. And, hey, calming your little one is calming for you too, no?


Back Carry Didymos Prima Blues Hemp Woven Wrap        Front Carry Woven Wrap

Dad Back Carrying in a Woven Wrap       Dad Front Carrying in a Woven Wrap
    Photo by Courtney Glode                 Photo by Magdalena Wojtas 


  Front Carry Ring Sling

     Dad Front Carrying in a Ring Sling
      Photo by Erin Nicole

Babywearing is convenient

Once you learn the correct way to adjust your carrier to fit you, there is no easier way to get around with a child in tow. At home, babywearing helps you go hands-free. For many parents, this is pretty much a game changer. There is so much this can allow you to do such as working remotely, cooking or even tending to your older kids.

Carriers also eliminate the need for a big clunky stroller. In fact, there are many places you simply can’t go with one or where you may be deterred from due to the extra hassle.


    Buckle Carrier         Back Carry Buckle Carrier

Dads Back Carrying in a Soft Structured Carrier         
Photo by Aimee Laz  
                       Photo by Patricia Lowry


    Ring Sling        Didytai Mosaic

  Dad Front Carrying in a Ring Sling       Dad Front Carrying in a DidyTai Meh Dai
    Photo by Amber Rivera                    Photo by Avie Hermann


Babywearing removes this obstacle entirely.

How about those days where you have to get things done but are beholden to a rigid nap schedule? Carrier naps are a great alternative! In fact, some babies only nap in carriers because they are just so darn cozy and soothing. You can immediately address your babies sleep cues or need for comfort on the fly. Any parent will agree that is no small advantage!


 Front Carry Ergo Baby buckle Carrier                          Back Carry Hiking Backpack

Dad Carrying Baby in an Ergo SSC        Dad Back Carrying in a hiking backpack 
      Photo by Sarah Sharpe
                         Photo by Rebecca Chadwick


Free to Grow Discover

Dad Wearing a Newborn In a Tula Free to Grow
Photo by Kelly Bertrand 


Babywearing is stylish

There are so many different carrier options out there that can cater to your exact lifestyle and personal aesthetic. There are literally hundreds of patterns and weaves to choose from at Little Zen One.


Back Carry Onbuhimo

Dad Back Carrying in an Onbuhimo
Photo by Nicole Rosenberg


Front Carry DidyKlick Prima Mars 

Dad front carrying in a DidyKlick Half Buckle
Photo by Cait Roy-Bell 
Carry Tula buckle carrier Believe
Dad back carrying in a Tula Baby Carrier
Photo by Erin Nicole

And--frankly--I’m not sure anything is more attractive to a tired parent then their partner giving them a much-needed break.

babywearing daddy didymos little zen one gotamago Toronto Lines front wrap cross carry

Vic and 11 months Oscar in a Front Carey in a Woven Wrap


      daddy babywearing Didymos Woven Wrap Zebrano in a Hip Carry                             daddy babywearing Didymos Woven Wrap Robert in a Front Wrap Cross Carry

Brad and Freja in a Hip Carry Woven Wrap       Brad and Freja in a Woven Wrap


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